Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday to Fletcher

My last post was one year ago when he was born.  Life with three leaves very little time to blog!  Fletcher has brought us so much joy this last year.  He babbles joyfully and he is continually speed crawling his way from toy to kitchen cabinet to sister's drink (their drinks are always better than his own) to dishwasher and then up the stairs to the playroom.  He can tell you what a sheep, elephant, car (Vrrroooom), duck, and bear say and he continually says "dada" and the occasional "mama" when he wants something.  He could walk if he wanted too, but he's a little cautious and I think he won't walk until he is sure he will never fall down (that's what Harper did, Allie on the other hand had no fear of a fall and always sported a bruise).  His sound machine is his favorite toy.  He is a great eater and can take down almost anything you give him.  I never bothered with baby food because he always did well with feeding himself from the tray. He's also a good sleeper and pretty good napper.  He had a rough patch where he woke up every night but by five months he was sleeping 7pm to 6am (and he's still an early riser).  Having one sweet baby to care for has been so manageable and such a joy to me!

His sisters are two sweet little mamas to him.  They make sure he doesn't go down the stairs, happily spoon feed him yogurt, entertain him with toys and silly faces, and Harper loves to clean up his room while I am putting him down for his nap.  His nicknames are Fletchy (Allie almost always calls him this), the bean, baby Olaf, Fletch, silly bean man, and baby.

Enjoy some pictures from a small gathering of neighbors and family for his first birthday by going to this album

Or here are the highlights:

Adorable smash cake by Emily Henegar of Cookie in the Kitchen!
He was very cautious about the cake and very satisfied.  He could found on this family to help (especially because it was the most amazing real vanilla bean buttercream icing)
"D" hung a swing just for Fletcher in our front yard. Couldn't have done it without Michael's pitching arm. 

D and Fletcher

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