Sunday, April 15, 2012

He is Risen!

Easter candy, pink bunnies, and plastic eggs still linger around here and they are a good reminder that He is Risen!   While I don't think Allie and Harper understand anything about Who rose on Easter, they definitely understood hunting for Easter eggs, especially Harper.  I have to admit that we cheated with a practice hunt in our yard:

The score was Harper 7, Allie 3 on that round, and Allie needed extra help because she was more interested in opening and closing eggs than finding more.  Harper was out for more, more, more on each hunt. 

We were 2 minutes late to our neighborhood hunt and all the eggs were gone by the time we got there, but A&H still got to hang with their mentor Lucy.

Harper did manage to collect a few eggs from the baskets of other unsuspecting toddlers, but she was smart enough to carefully guard the eggs in her own Easter basket, which she carried around about half the week.

At our church egg hunt, I got distracted trying trying to corral Allie and my sisters' dog, so Harper had about 15 eggs before the whistle blew.  I promise we weren't intentionally cheating that time.  Score: Harper 20 - Allie 7.  Allie's improving, and would have done well if Harper hadn't gotten so much of a head start.

Lovey made Easter weekend in the mountains very festive with egg dying and two more egg hunts.  We were thrilled to have my grandmother San-San with us all weekend.  Come Easter Sunday, Allie was hunting with the best of them and Harper dominated her age group.

He is risen indeed!