Monday, August 22, 2011

Eye Patch Ale

Allie joined with us in celebrating our friends' launching Monday Night Brewing For now, they have two beers available in select Atlanta bars and stores.  While I prefer the Scotch Ale for its subtle sweetness, Allie prefers the Eye Patch Ale.  As you can see she was very happy to have a beer that celebrates eye patches:

We picked her up a "growler" at Hop City.  I had never heard of a growler until the guys at Monday Night decided to release their beer in this form (which for some reason only recently became legal in Georgia).  It's a half gallon glass jug to share with friends.  I much prefer lots of growlers to a keg. I'll be honest. I do not understand the ways of a keg: how to tap it, do a keg stand, much less, just serve myself a proper beer from that contraption.  A growler I can do. 

Cheers, Allie!

Harper, though sans eye patch, wanted in on the action, too:
Nice beer gut.

Next time you see Monday Night Brewing on the menu, you must indulge.  It's spreading like wildfire across the ATL.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mississippi Debut

Last weekend we had a blast in Mississippi for Will and Mary Mitchell's wedding and a "sip and see" for A&H.  Michael's mom, Carolyn, hosted the party and my girls have now officially debuted in Mississippi.  I was thrilled to see our friends from last year and get to show off Harper and Allie to Carolyn's friends. 

With the handsome Tate Shull, right after Allie kissed him.  Tate is in shock and Allie looks quite proud of herself.
Very fitting that Allie had her first grits at her Mississippi debut.  Loved them!
With the hostess and Jackson friends, Michelle and Lily Ketchum, almost 9 months.

Campbell's Cookies- YUM!

It was a lovely event and Harper, Allie, and I felt very honored by all who came.  They also attended their first wedding reception and saw a beautiful bride.  We love introducing them to Michael's friends. 

Will and Mary Mitchell! Hate that the pic is so bad.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our friends Charlie and Polly

Allie and Harper's first competition is catching the eye of the dreamy Charlie Hitchcock.  Even before their one month birthday:

Allie says, "Hey, Charlie, I'm over here."
They've tried to woo him at the beach (sadly, I don't have pics), on long walks:

and last week, they had him all to themselves in the backseat to and from Birmingham to visit everyone's friend, Polly Mayfield.  Here's Polly, she's awesome:

Charlie and his Ladies:

Maury, Ginger, and I had a great time catching up, going out to dinner, and shopping.  I'm pumped because I thought I was stuck with breastfeeding for now because Harper wouldn't take a bottle or sippy cup, but Ginger turned me onto these cups.  They had no interest in other cups, but A and H both love to drink out of these straws!  Who knew I could be so excited about a baby drinking out of a cup.  Maury saved our sanity in the car by feeding Allie 10, count um, 10 Baby Mum Mums (weird dissolvable baby rice crackers) along with graham crackers, carrots, and macaroni.  We laughed that we both thought we would never feed our babies in the carseats, but desperate times call for stuffing Allie's face with food! Ever since she started crawling she does not want to be in the car seat.  Thank you Ginger and Tara Mayfield for hosting us!  

Monday, August 1, 2011

Texas Friends Visit

Last weekend, our dear friends Amanda and Stephen came all the way from Austin to visit.  Sometimes it is good to see guests come and good to see them go, but with the Calhouns it was just plain sad to see them go!
Can you tell Allie liked Stephen?
Harper thought he was OK.
While Michael and Stephen played golf, the ladies shopped (actually, I shopped and Amanda entertained babies).
They already love Anthropologie.
We also played Bocce at one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta, Empire State South.  Even in the dog days of summer, the shade from the building made this a great place to hang and drink cold cocktails.  My Pimms Cup was delicious and very refreshing. The grassy turf was awesome for them to crawl around on and I didn't have to worry about Allie trying to eat handfuls of grass.

I was so thankful they came to us!  For now, hopping on an plane with these two seems pretty unfathomable.