Friday, June 24, 2011

5 Years of Marriage

Today, Michael and I are celebrating our five year anniversary.  I feel so blessed remembering our five years together.  Here's a photo journal: 

I'll start with the most fun day of my life, our wedding day.  Holding hands in the front of the church I grew up in, making promises until death parts us:

Headed to the reception for the best party of our lives:

Honeymoon at The Royal Hideway in Playa del Carmen:

 Moving to Austin, TX. Hook em! Making awesome Texas friends and loving all Austin has to offer, including three straight years at the ACL festival, football, Law School casino nights, and too many margaritas and chips and salsa.  I do miss Texas!

Two amazing European vacations to England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic:
We drank lots of beer (that spoiled us b/c now we have to buy fancy beer)
Drank lots of coffee (and yes, those statues are doing what you think they are)
Hiked around the most amazing mountain we've ever seen.

And saw lots of amazing sights.

 We love to ski together and feel blessed we've had lots of opportunities:

We had a great year with Michael's family and new friends during Michael's clerkship in Jackson, MS.  Then we moved to Atlanta for Michael to start a permanent job and to raise our blueberries.   

I don't like getting too sappy or personal on a blog so I'll just say that our five years together have been so blessed by the Lord.  I love Michael more than I did on our wedding day and adding Allie and Harper to our family has deepened my appreciation and fondness for him. We have so much to celebrate!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beach Babes

Allie and Harper are water babies! Last week they had their first dip in the ocean at Blue Mountain Beach near Grayton Beach and Seaside.  I was surprised that they liked the ocean and beach and loved floating in the pool.

Our friends the Hitchcocks, the Dutsons, and Becca Bunnell join us for our first trip to my grandparents condo.  Michael's parents visited his grandparents who live closeby and took us all out to dinner on Friday night at The Red Bar in Grayton, yum!  Then Saturday night, his parents babysat so that the adults could go out to dinner in Seaside at The Great Southern, also great.  I actually feel like I had a vacation.  These baby girls still had 3 meals a day plus 4 milk feedings, but at least we spent all day with friends and during their naps I caught some sun by the pool. See the album on the sidebar for more pics.

In other news, Harper has a tooth!  I've been thinking that they are teething for over 2 months, but finally one is here.  The lesson is to not blame fussiness on teething.  Also, last week they said their first consonants.  Allie is a bah bah bah girl and Harper prefers dah dah dah. Allie can sit up on her own and she is making attempts to pull up on furniture.

And finally, here's another sighting of multiple sets of twins at IKEA- five sets of twins=10 babies!

This playdate was fun, but I'm most looking forward to our moms of multiples get together on Thursday night for wine and poker.

Friday, June 10, 2011

They are plotting something big...

Have you seen the twin video that has gone viral recently?  Do you think Allie and Harper could compete? See our video here. 

If you want to see the translation of their conversation, you have to watch it on your computer, not a mobile device.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Swing Ding

We had a great weekend on Lookout Mountain for the Swing Ding.  What, you may ask, is the Swing Ding?  It's the yearly golf tournament at LMGC and Michael invited one of his oldest friends, Camp Craig, to play with him. I love that the family is included in 3 meals a day, and you can ride around and cheer on your man.

Camp and Virginia Craig

The Huffaker family at family night
Allie and Harper also got to sport their bathing suits in the baby pool on my parents' patio and at our neighbors' pool.

Allie in the baby pool.
Can't beat beer at the pool!

Aunt T-Lo is such a bad influence!
I must admit it has been a tough week since we returned.  I don't know if traveling is really starting to throw off their schedule or they are just in a transition stage.  Allie has been very impatient at meal time and Harper is acting like she has bad dreams at night.  Harper keeps falling asleep during her last feeding despite my best efforts and then when I put her down, she screams like a banshee.  For two nights we rescued her after about 20 minutes of screaming, but last night we had to let her cry it out and it took almost 2 hours.  I'm glad I had somewhere else to be and Michael had to sit there and listen.  Allie yells for her food until the moment I get it to her mouth and then I cannot shovel it in fast enough.  She does not want to pause between bites for Harper to have some.  This too shall pass!

On a more positive note, when it is not close to mealtime or bedtime, they laugh and smile and happily bang and chew on their toys.  Allie is officially mobile and is so close to crawling.  She travels at about a yard per minute with her army crawl.  Harper spins in circles with her belly button as the center-point.  When Allie is doing something really fun like tearing up magazines, Harper bangs her arms and legs on the ground and longs to join her but still hasn't figured out how to move forward.  We have also transitioned to a 4 milk feedings a day instead of 5 or 6.  Such a relief!