Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2nd Birthday Party

Allie and Harper were very excited to turn two.  We invited their close friends over for a "Two by Two" themed birthday party.  Noah, rainbows, and our multiple sets of two animals served as decor. 

The best touch by far were the cookies made by Cookie in the Kitchen. She made rainbow cupkies (get it, cookie cupcakes that were to die for) and please examine the 2 by 2 animals.  I need to order turkeys for Thanksgiving and chicks and bunnies for Easter.  The squirrels were soooo cute.  Did I mention that she is 12 years old!

Cupkies with chocolate 2's

Bubble flood at the playdough table!  
Playdough with Charlie and Uncy Bob

New tricycles from Lovey and D. Helmets and baskets from T-lo.

Thank you so much to all our family who helped with the party.  Dad smoked the BBQ on his green egg, Mom added to the flowers and decor, T-lo did the slaw, CiCi and Papa cover drinks and clean and set up tirelessly, and Uncy Bob graced us with his presence and brought some great books as presents. 

Harper likes to exclaim "I'm two." and hold up two fat fingers.  Lately, she's been saying, "I'm two. I'm five."  She thinks she is.  This is such a fun age.  Michael and I cannot get over how hilarious we think they are.  It's fun to know their silly thoughts as they narrate their days for us. 

Before we turned two

Quick photo update on life before turning two!

We visited our dear friends, Amanda and Stephen in Austin, Texas.  They were very excited to ride on an airplane since they see them flying overhead daily and point them out. After the trip they (both of them did this) pointed to the airplane and said "airplane going to Texas."  They also asked to "move to Texas."  These guacamole lovers found their heaven.

With their Texas friend, Clark Christian
Swimming at Deep Eddy
They also met other friends like Mr. Brett, but I can't find the pic.

When asked who their favorite singer is, they reply "Mr. Sanders."  They were very excited to meet Mr. Sanders, Dad's college roommate.  Please download some of his music from iTunes hereYou won't regret it.

Harper and Sanders Bohlke
And now some photos that mom thinks are cute:

Very into baby dolls right now!

Met baby Chase. Photo taken by Joel.

Bubbles make them crazy.  Literally.  Allie will lose it over bubbles and get very frustrated when she does not get them right away or if bubble juice spills.  We have to choose just the right moments to break them out.  She has however, gotten very good at blowing bubbles on her own.

Weezy is probably the most talked about family member.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rocking Bunnies

Michael's parents brought Allie and Harper rocking chairs for their second birthday. Yes, they are two.  A big post on their birthday coming soon.  Every night we rocking them in their glider, sing Jesus Loves Me, say their prayers and put them to bed.  Now that they have rocking chairs of their own, they love to rock their bunnies to sleep.  Allie also says the bunny's prayers and puts it to sleep.  Michael's dad captured this: