Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blueberry #3!

Michael and I have every exciting news to share.  Blueberry #3 is on the way!  HIS way, that is.  It's a boy!  Due March 25th.  We are so thrilled and feel very blessed.

I'm not one of those patient people who can wait until delivery to know the gender, but I did want it to be a little more exciting than finding out from the ultrasound lady's monotone like we did with Allie and Harper.  So we had her seal the gender in an envelope, and later that night Aunt T-lo babysat while we went out to a restaurant that recently opened near us, Watershed.  We gave the envelope to the waiter and told him to bring us a blue drink for a boy and pink drink for a girl.  After 15 LONG minutes, this is what he placed before me:

As we oooed and ahhed, "Ooooh, baby girl. Three girls. wow...".  he said "Actually, it's a boy! That's a blueberry drink."  I must admit that our level of excitement definitely kicked up a notch.  I guess Watershed doesn't serve blue drinks, though we did not find it lacking in other respects. This Violet Beauregard (the not so stiff version, of course) though confusing, was quite tasty.

Blueberries #1 and #2 actually seem to get it and are beginning to notice my belly.  Before we found out it's a boy, we would often ask them if they wanted a sister or brother.  The answers varied from day to day.  Since we told them it's a brother, Harper has been insisting "I want sister." 

They also seem to understand pregnancy better than we thought.  On the day we had the ultrasound, we told them that we went to the doctor and got to see the baby.  Harper gave a quizzical look, thought for a second, and then asked, "Did it come out?"  It was a great question. They never cease to amaze.

Halloween 2012

I was very excited about Halloween this year because I knew Allie and Harper would love it, plus we live in a true trick-or-treating neighborhood.  Allie was a ladybug and Harper was a bumblebee.  I was very glad that Harper liked being a bumblebee because she did not like getting stung by one a few weeks earlier.  Our neighborhood met for pizza in the park and then we trick-or-treated our way home.  Harper was thrilled to knock and doors and be given candy.  Allie was a little skeptical of the givers at first but warmed up after three houses. She did not like when a witch with green hair showed up at one house.