Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A&H's New Room

We love our new house and thanks to all the moving help from our parents, we settled in quickly.  I thought it would be fun for Allie and Harper to look back at this blog and see their old rooms.  I may add a rug, some curtains, and a white bookshelf, but it will stay like this for a while.  My mom arranged everything.  The cribs came from my grandmother, San-San.  She bought one for my 16 year old cousin, when she was a baby of course, and one for her house.  Yes, they do have drop sides, which are banned now, but I wasn't worried about it because it is nearly impossible to figure out how to make the sides drop. 

I love the blueberries print above the glider.  My friend Georgia (see her blog and etsy shop-most fabulous pound cake you will ever put in your mouth, I promise, and her spicy sweet pecans are amazing) saw it at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and directed me to the artist, Hillary Parker.

The Herend cups with a prince charming frog were the sweetest first birthday gift from our friends Camp and Virginia.

And my other grandmother, Ellie, made a watercolor of a photo of me when I was a little girl with my favorite stuffed animals. 

I treasure this painting and love that I have many pictures of Allie and Harper at the same table.

And here are a few pictures of Allie and Harper's first room at our old place:

Thanks to many friends and family for the donated items and help decorating!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Home

We are really loving our new home. Allie and Harper are the perfect age to start enjoying our backyard, and heading outside is an easy and welcome change of scenery without having to leave the house.  Michael's parents brought us a housewarming present that Harper and Allie can't get enough of:

They love to "side"
This may be why they don't like me taking pictures -- oops!

I thought I would really miss our condo, but this neighborhood has a lot to offer to replace what we left.  I was most sad to not be able to walk to the grocery store, but turns out that it is totally possible.  It's a bit further and hillier than my old Trader Joe's walk and it is to Publix, but I need the workout.  I was a little sentimental about driving to the Botanical Gardens for the first time yesterday, but we love our new playground, Tanyard Creek Park, and we even saw a duck in the creek, which helped get over the loss of our daily Piedmont Park duck visits.

Allie at Tanyard Creek
We've loved having my sister and her dog Weezy in town!!
Loving Weezy.  We are working on being gentle.

Harper wants to wear her pig backpack everywhere.

Harper's love for backpacks has been helpful when I'm attempting to use the leashes.  The first experience with the leashes at the aquarium was out of control and looked like child abuse.  Today at the zoo they seemed to like the leashes, especially when I called it a tail.  This was a trial run; I still had the stroller, of course.  It was so much fun to see all the animals with their friend Charlie.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Go Tarheels!

Tonight UNC vs. Duke.  Let's go Heels!  I try not to remember lass than a month ago when Duke came back in the last two minutes to win by one.  It was a very sad ending to my birthday.  Let's redeem ourselves!

It's very difficult to get a decent shot of these active little cheerleaders. We tried!