Monday, June 11, 2012

"Weezy ate my Paci!"

I'm guilty of ignoring the pediatrician's warnings about the paci, which started when Harper turned one.  Harper loves her paci and I had a hard time steeling myself to take it from her.  The best I could do is resolve not to buy any more pacis, so much of May was spent searching for Harper's one remaining paci (which would end up in the oddest places) and warning her that paci would be gone forever if she lost it.    At about 14 months, paci turned into an obsession.  She used to be happy with keeping it in the crib and would yell "POP" and spike the paci in the crib when we told her to "pop your paci" before we would get her out.  But she stopped wanting to pop paci and began begging "paci, paci!" in a pathetic voice throughout the day.  I knew it was time for it to go, but couldn't bring myself to it.

Then in stepped my sister's dog, Weezy.  Right before bed one night, Harper stopped in the middle of her silly game with Dad, pointed at Weezy, and said inquisitively, "paci?"  Sure enough, paci had been cheweed to pieces.  It was demolished, and after Harper tried it out, she accepted that paci had to go in the trash.  She marched to the trash, threw in what was left of paci, and then (to our shock) went to bed without protesting for paci.  She did ask for paci, but we reminded her what happened.  She confirmed, "Weezy eat," we gave her a pep talk about being a big girl now, and she went right to sleep. The next two naps and bedtimes were not the same story -- 45 minute naps and 15-30 minutes of tears each time.  But, after 2 full days, she seemed to have forgotten about paci.  That was until this week, one full month after the paci funeral, she said her first full sentence (at least the first one that she came up with on her own; she has been a parrot for some time now).  While she was taking a bath on Friday night, she looked at me and said "Weezy ate my paci."  Clear as day.  Apparently paci has not been forgotten yet.

In other news, life is good!  These are some happy ladies who gabber nonstop and keep us highly entertained.  I haven't been taking many pictures, but here's what I do have lately.

Rainy Sunday at the High Museum Learning Gallery

We've spent a lot of this summer in our baby pool. This is our neighbor Houston.

Checking out the flamingos at the zoo.

Allie really liked the flamingos.

Lions at the Zoo


More splashpad!


They love my parents' dog Percy.

At the Swing Ding golf tournament on Lookout Mountain.  This is their new friend Mac Smith.  He is awesome and has huge thighs.  (We don't feed them soft drinks, but Harper found this Diet Coke and refused to relinquish it.  As you can see, most of it ended up on her dress.)

Allie and Dad after Allie won a golf ball for chipping it onto the green (with only a little help from Dad).