Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Wakefields

My friend, Shannon Eddings, designed our Christmas card.  I highly recommend her because her designs are fresh and unique, she is prompt and very flexible to make any changes you want, and she has great prices. Check out Clapping Tree Design if you are hosting a party or want personalized stationary or calling cards.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pics with Santa

Get ready for it: the classic screaming-kids-with-Santa picture.  They started to get nervous when Mom and Dad sat down next to the jolly old elf.

Allie: "He looks really nice, but Mama better not leave me with him."  Harper: "I'll keep my cool as long as Daddy has me." 

Allie: "No, Please, NO!"  Dad: "You better take this picture quick, understand?"


My, how times have changed in one year:

This is the best Santa ever!  I hope he makes it to the law firm kids' Christmas party every year.  This year, it was so much fun to watch Allie and Harper actually enjoy the party.  They ate the festive food, marveled at the giant snow globes, and had a blast toddling their way around all the kids (Harper still holding onto Dad's finger).  Next year we'll attempt cupcake decorating, face painting, and singing karaoke Christmas carols.

Afterward we went to Dad's office on the 39th floor.  They were impressed with his view.

We are in the Christmas spirit now!