Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day at the Splash Pad

A couple of weeks ago, Piedmont Park opened a new section that includes a splash pad.  I've held A&H's feet in the water before, but this Memorial Day we met the Dutsons there ready to really get wet.  I've been dying to get them in the bathing suits their aunt T-Lo gave them.  You can see in this video that Allie liked the water and was curious about it while Harper was not quite sure what to think and was a bit intimidated.  I love how different they are!  By the end of the summer, I'm sure the splash pad will be swarming with kids, but for now, it is a hidden gem for kiddie fun.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Video Clips

A few video clips from the last month:

Miss Allie cackling in her Jumperoo and blowing bubbles:

Miss Harper, the future golfer, displaying her distaste for green beans (and most non fruit foods) and bouncing on a couch pillow:

Monday, May 23, 2011

A New Friend

Allie and Harper made a new friend this weekend, Trammell Williams.  His parents, Alan and Amanda, came to visit from Nashville for Alan to give a commencement address (see Alan's website here if you are looking for team coaching material, a great speaker, or another blog to follow).  Despite their size differences, Trammell is only 3 weeks older than them and he is so dreamy!  He is also ALL boy.  We didn't realize how much our babes act like little girls until we noticed the contrast in their high pitched shrieks and Trammell's deep, manly noises. They have all just recently reached the age of noticing other babies, so it was adorable to watch them interact.

Early flirting...Isn't his outfit adorable?! Amanda makes most of his clothes herself.  I was impressed.

As you can see, Allie can officially be declared a "sitter." She is stable, but usually lunges onto her belly quickly because she has places to go!

Monday, May 16, 2011

4 Sets of Twins

Atlanta has a great club for parents of multiples, the Intown Atlanta Parents of Multiples Club. The club's daily email forum that has been helpful in answering my questions about twins and giving me a peak into the future of twin rearing.  Tomorrow night, I think I will attend my first meeting to get advice from Moms on Call about getting Allie to sleep through the night.  A new friend from the club started a small playgroup for those of us with babies around the same age who live around the Midtown/Virginia Highlands area.  Last week, four moms and eight babies took the Botanical Gardens by storm:

Twin Babies Latte Art

As many of you know, Michael's gets excited about good espresso.  He has a fancy machine and makes me fabulous cappuccinos in the morning.  Empire State South, just a few blocks from our condo, has a Michael-approved espresso bar with trophy winning baristas.  Last week, we brought the babies in and barista Jonathan (his latte art blog here- please see Pooh, Chuck Norris, and Abe Lincoln in his photostream) created this just for me!

Allie and Harper with Bows!

I love our Hood!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Milestone: Sitting

Harper has been a stable sitter for over a week now.  She can on her own for over 10 minutes and she is really happy with this new viewpoint on the world.

That's is until her sister is not happy. Harper says, "Please, I can't take the crying anymore!"

Allie can sit up too, but I can't declare her a sitter because she is wobbly and rolls down to her stomach after about 10 seconds.  You have to be still to sit and this little lady does not like to be still!

I also want to shout out that my in-laws are saints!  They every frequently travel from Jackson, Mississippi to give Michael and me a break. This weekend, they took over the never-ending cycle of feeding, entertaining, diaper-changing, bathing, and patting to sleep while Michael and I went to D.C. for my friend Danielle's wedding.  The wedding and rehearsal dinner were amazing and I had so much fun catching up with old friends.

Dogwood Fesitval, Quadruplets, Swinging, and Easter Bunny

There are so many events in the last month that I meant to blog about, but I'm just getting to.

Living right next to Piedmont Park allows us to take advantage of fun events in the park.  We went to all three days of the biggest yearly festival, Dogwood Festival.  You can imagine the comments from the throngs of people.  One lady gave us a ten minute sermon on how babies do not cry, they sing.  So we should sing back to them when they sing (cry!).  Weird people out there.  The funny thing is, it does make them stop and be confused for a minute when you cry back at them.  We each sported a baby in a carrier at the festival:

And we met up with our friends Lucy and Claire.
Allie and Harper had their first visit with the Easter Bunny too!  My parents have better pictures on their camera that I hope to get a hold of soon (hint hint!):

We also had another lunch date with the Busby twins at the MetroFresh Cafe in the Botanical Gardens.  Our identical strollers created a site and multiple people asked us if they were quadruplets. 

Also, my friend Maury told me the girls might like to swing like this.  They love it!