Friday, May 10, 2013

Welcome Fletcher Jackson Wakefield

We are thrilled to introduce blueberry #3.  He arrived on March 30th and was 9 lbs. and 21 1/4 inches long.  Fletcher is Michael's great grandfather's middle name and Jackson is Michael's dad's middle name and his grandmother's maiden name.  The first two weeks of his life were actually a breeze starting with an easy delivery and what felt to me a resort vacation in the hospital.  He was incredibly sleepy the first two weeks and hardly made a peep except to remind me every three hours that he was hungry.  I had a few days of help from my mom and then my San-San swept to pamper us with her cooking, house-keeping, and baby whispering.  The last three weeks he has still been very good for a newborn, but thinks he is the hungriest man alive and lets us know he has a voice too.  He has become very alert lately and graces us with a few half smiles every now and then.  It is so funny to me that he is all boy already- lots of grunts, very strong, and even his cry sounds like a boy cry.

His sisters love him very much.  Harper coos to him in a sweet baby voice and Allie likes to caress his head and give him gentle kisses.  They are enjoying the baby gear that came out of storage: swinging, bouncing, transporting the play mat around the house, sitting on the nursing pillow with him while he eats (yes I often have three people piled on me), and pushing around his pram.  I think they are emotionally adjusted to him now, but at first Harper took some frustration out on Allie (hitting and hair-pulling) and Allie was very protective of me and clinging to me.

At his one month appointment, he was 11 lbs 2 oz (82nd percentile) and 23 inches (92nd percentile).  You would think this big boy would be sleeping through the night with those stats but he is Mr. 3 hours on the dot.  Surely, he's going to surprise me with a 5 hour stretch soon.

Blog posts may be few and far between for a while now as you can imagine life is pretty hectic in our family.  We feel so well loved and cared for by all our friends, neighbors and family though.  Don't know how I could survive without all the extra help, playdates for Allie and Harper, and delicious meals.  Thanks everyone!

I've started another album where you can see more pictures of him and his sisters.  Look on the left side of this blog.

Works as a triple!

Harper hard at work.


  1. He is so beautiful! I can't believe how much older he already looks than in his new born pics!

  2. May God bless your family! He has already grown so much.